NASCAP Chemical Hazard Training Detector Alarm System

NASCAP is a remote alarm system designed for use with the Smiths Detection GID-3 / M22 ACADA. 

It is a man portable, ready-to-go rapid deployment system, enabling the augmented use of stand-alone point detectors. 

Multiple radio outstations/repeater units are linked to a single flexible architecture base station for safe and efficient monitoring of detector status and enhanced threat reporting.


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CBRNe HazMat detector alarm systems nascap main
CBRNe HazMat Detector Alarm Nascap case

Alarm reporting software with alpha numeric alarm report detailing:

  • Identification of class of chemical agent
  • Specific agent identification
  • Concentration of agent
  • Hazard level of agent in bars
  • Detector fault codes
  • Movement alarm
  • Status of power supply
  • Identity of detector
  • Status of radio nodes
  • Physical location of detector
  • Grid reference provided automatically by GPS
  • Data logging of all alarm conditions with time and date stamp
  • Software interfaces for reporting systems

NASCAP System Features

  1. Base Station Radio Receiver
  2. Radio Antennae
  3. Base Station Mains Power Connection
  4. Scanner
  5. Laptop
  6. Laptop Mains Power Connection
  7. User Manual
  8. Rugged PeliTM Cases
  9. 6x Outstations (c/w radio aerial)

Outstations are individually attached to deployed chemical agent detectors by means of click-lock webbing band (supplied). They monitor the status of the detector and transmit information on equipment status, agent alarms, equipment fault alarms, location, time and GPS data to the Base Station.

In-built movement sensor to detect unauthorized removal of the outstation from its sited location. Each Outstation can be reconfigured as a Base Station providing modular replacement and continued system functionality in the event of damage.

Outstations may also function as signal boosting repeaters either whilst in operation with chemical detectors or as separately powered stand alone units.

The NASCAP system is fully compatible with NBCWaRN™

(Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warning and Reporting Network) software from OptiMetrics, Inc.

Features of this system include:

  • The same core software used in the next-generation US military JWARN system
  • Fully compliant with the latest NATO standards: ATP-45 (B) & AEP-45 Change 1
  • Support for advanced hazard prediction models HPAC and VLSTrack
  • Network or stand-alone operation.

Please note that NBCWaRN™ is not supplied with the NASCAP system. 

The NASCAP system is fully compatible with MIDAS-AT™ (Meteorological Information and Dispersion Assessment System – Anti Terrorism) software from ABS Consulting, Inc.

Please note that MIDAS-AT™ is not supplied with the NASCAP system. For details of this and other compatible modeling systems please contact Argon Electronics.


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CBRNe HazMat training Detector Alarm Nascap repeater case
CBRNe HazMat training Detector Alarm Nascap outstation and repeater units.png