PlumeSIM Wide-Area CBRNe / HazMat Training System

PlumeSIM® is a wide-area instrumented training system providing management of chemical and radiological simulators that respond to a wide variety of user defined threat scenarios in real time complete with powerful after action review to ensure effective learning outcomes.


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PlumeSIM CBRNe / HazMat training
PlumeSIM Wide-Area CBRNe / HazMat Training System

PlumeSIM enables training of multiple personnel, allowing instructors to select the parameters for the activation of simulation instruments (including the type of threat, release/delivery of single and multiple sources and a full range of environmental conditions.) Instructors can also record the actions of trainees from a single location.

Features of PlumeSIM:

  • Portable and very quick to set up and use
  • Planning mode: prepare exercises on a PC / Laptop without system hardware
  • Simple, flexible scenario creation based upon single or multiple CWA, HazMat & radiological releases
  • User-defined environmental conditions
  • Real-time variation of plume due to wind direction changes
  • GIS mapping support 
  • Perfect for counter terrorism exercises, nuclear emergency exercises
  • Simulation of plumes, deposition and hot spots
  • Table top classroom mode for pre-exercise familiarisation
  • Modular system enables you to expand as and when budgets permit
  • Real time trainee movement and instrument usage reporting, with recording for After Action Review
  • Supports M4 JCAD-SIM, CAMSIM, AP2C-SIM, AP4C-SIM, RDS200-SIM, EPD-Mk2-SIM, AN/PDR-77-/VDR-2 / RDS100-SIM,  and more.
  • Radiological or chemical / HazMat only version available with future upgrade option

Planning Mode - the virtual radiation or chemical plume

Innovative system design permits the use of common file format map images and even ‘home made’ sketches of the proposed training area.

Easy to use menus enable the instructor to quickly set and adjust the source type(s), quantity, and the location and nature of the release source, as well as the desired environmental conditions.

PlumeSIM® allows you to define a plume or hotspot based upon variety of specific substances, CW agents, radionuclides or compounds, and to implement different release characteristics including duration, direction, persistence and deposition. Exercise parameters can be saved for repeating defined scenarios with absolute fidelity.

Table-top mode for CBRNe / HazMat training

Using simple gamepad controllers trainees are able to move themselves as icons around an on-screen display of the training area. The virtual plume scenario is activated, and subsequent ‘contact’ with a simulated agent will result in the appropriate activation of their simulation instruments which are connected to the control base by a short range radio link.

All student ‘movement’ is recorded in the session and can then be played back for analysis prior to departing for the field training area.

Field exercise mode for CBRNe / HazMat training

With the students deployed with GPS enabled Player Units to the desired external training area, the instructor can monitor their location on the control base map via a long range radio comms link in real time.

Once again the virtual plume scenario is activated and, providing the student is fielding the correct type of instrument for the nature of the simulated threat, has prepared the instrument properly, and the levels or concentration of simulated agent are sufficient to be recognised by the particular device, then the display of that simulation instrument will indicate the appropriate response to any contact with a simulated source.

Where environmental conditions inhibit the ability to obtain or maintain continuous long range radio communication, the selected scenario is pre-loaded on the Player Unit for timed activation and local broadcast.

Post-event exercise review

A full record of player movement and simulator activity is captured for correcting any equipment use errors at the end of the exercise, enabling you to maximise learning opportunities during debriefing. Exercise results can be forwarded to an independent moderator for response capability assessment and validation of contingency plans.

Saab Gamer and PlumeSIM

Argon has integrated PlumeSIM with Swedish military defence solutions provider Saab AB's Gamer to create a state-of-the-art CBRN Live Training system. Read more about the combined technologies and see a video of the systems in action by going to our Saab Gamer interface page

Steel Beasts and PlumeSIM

Argon and software developer eSim Games have collaborated to embed PlumeSIM in eSim's combined arms combat training system, Steel Beasts Pro. Read more about the collaboration by visiting our Steel Beasts page.


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PlumeSIM Wide-Area CBRNe / HazMat training system table-top-classroom-mode
PlumeSIM Field Exercise mode CBRNe HazMat training