Tabletop / Virtual CBRNe Training Solutions

Classroom CBRNe training exercises that are interesting, educational and engaging.

Worried your tabletop CBRNe exercises are boring?

You want to use tabletop exercises to train and verify operational response, exercise the command structure, and ensure team and interagency functionality. Such exercises usually involve passing notes or inject cards representing instrument readings. Not very exciting is it?

These paper notes are cost effective but do not provide any real form of After Action Review to enhance learning or identify areas for improvement.

Testing survey and reconnaissance skills

Tabletop is very difficult environment to ensure the concept of surveying reconnaissance,  instrument reading and reporting is truly understood.

Boring tabletop CBRNe exercises

A guide to effective chemical warfare agent training

Discover the pros and cons of the three key types of chemical warfare agent training to help determine when and how you could employ them.

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PlumeSIM tabletop CBRNe training solutions

The same is true with meteorological conditions. You might also want to incorporate hazard prediction with the ability to compare that prediction with the surveyed threat, and ensure communications and decision making are effective.

Effective demonstration of compliance

Perhaps you have a responsibility to demonstrate the robustness of your process to senior management, local or national authority, in which case a recording of the exercise might be useful.

The ability to demonstrate an effective response to offsite release events to comply with, for example COMAH, SEVESO II and Clean Air Act is also important.




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Tabletop CBRNe exercises meet computer games

We worked to develop a means by which you can make your Tabletop exercises interesting, educational and engaging for the participants. This we achieved with two different but highly effective approaches. The first, based upon PlumeSIM was to enable students to manoeuvre physical simulators throughout a virtual threat environment using a standard Gamepad controller.

The second, PlumeSIM-SMART is an Application (App) based simulator approach providing a cost effective training system available on a subscription basis. Both options deliver a highly effective alternative to traditional “paper note” Tabletop exercises to suit all budgets.

PlumeSIM SMART Tabletop CBRNe training system

Tabletop / Virtual CBRNe Training Products


Wide area CBRN / HazMat training system for field exercises and table top classroom settings that simulates virtual radiation and chemical plumes.

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Plume SIM wide are CBRN / HazMat training system


A powerful, App-based wide-area CBRN / HazMat virtual plume simulation system that lets you deliver practical, highly engaging table top and live field training exercises.

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PlumeSIM SMART tabletop virtual CBRNe HazMat training solution