Cubic CATS Metrix CBRN Interface

Argon Simulators can now be integrated with Cubic’s Combined Arms Training Simulation (CATS)

Enhancing Live Combined Arms Training CBRN exercises

Argon and Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions successfully integrated Argon’s LCD3.3 simulator, known as the M4A1 JCAD simulator in the U.S., with Cubic’s chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRND) Collective Training Simulation System (CTSS).

This collaborative effort enables Argon’s LCD3.3 simulator, and potentially all other Argon Personal Area Network (PAN)-based simulators, to be integrated with Cubic’s training and instrumentation systems. 

The LCD3.3-SIM when linked to the body worn player’s PAN responds to simulated chemical warfare and toxic industrial threats generated by Cubic’s Exercise Control (EXCON) Combined Arms Training Simulation (CATS) Metrix TM. In addition, all user interaction with the
simulator including the use of simulated confidence tester and replacement of consumables is reported to EXCON in real time.

The integration benefits include the capability to fully incorporate CBRN detection within battlefield training scenarios over extremely large areas and within suitably instrumented building structures.

This adds a vital and long overdue aspect to combined arms and higher-level command structure training.

Both Cubic’s instrumentation system and Argon’s simulators are based on open industry standards, and this was key to the successful integration. This proven method of implementation enables existing Cubic customers to benefit from this important training capability by means of upgrade.


Wide area live cbrne training sharper

“Whole of force collective CBRN training is essential in today’s complex threat environment. The CBRND Collective Training Simulation System enables training objectives for CBRND specialists and whole of force mission readiness objectives to be achieved simultaneously in large training exercises.”

Mark Horn, Director Strategic Development for Cubic Oceania