SAAB Gamer CBRN Interface

Argon joined forces with Swedish military defence solutions provider Saab AB to develop a next-generation integrated interface for CBRN Live Training

Addressing the CBRN Live Training challenge

The rapidly emerging threat posed by chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) materials continues to fuel the need for high-quality and hyper-realistic CBRN training.

Live training systems are currently in use by a wide variety of organisations worldwide, from the military, police and Special Forces to border security, first response and civilian emergency preparedness teams.

With this challenge in mind, Argon Electronics and Saab have integrated their respective technologies - Argon’s PlumeSIM and Saab’s Gamer - to create a state-of-the-art CBRN Live Training system.


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PlumeSIM’s CBRN Live Training capability in action

The capabilities of the enhanced PlumeSIM training system were first demonstrated at the tenth international live training symposium, Levels of Fidelity, which was held at the Army Training Centre (AZA) in Walenstadt, Switzerland in October 2015.

In a live scenario jointly staged by Argon Electronics and Saab, a hijacked military vehicle was weaponized with a simulated CWA and then driven towards a base guard post.

As the guards approached the vehicle, a simulated CWA was released, triggering their chemical detectors (in this case, simulators of Smiths Detection M4JCADs / LCD3.2e) and prompting them to don their respirators.

Once appropriately protected, the guards were then able to continue their response using Gamer’s simulated Live Firing capability.

The demonstration attracted a huge amount of interest and positive feedback, which in turn prompted further enhancements to the PlumeSIM interface.

While the Walenstadt scenario-focused solely on the use of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs), the PlumeSIM system can also readily support radiological simulation, including the use of simulated portable survey meters such as the Mirion / Canberra AN/VDR-2, AN/PDR-77 / RDS100 and simulated personal dosimeters such as the Mirion / Canberra UDR13 and UDR14.


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Key benefits of PlumeSIM

Realism - the highly realistic, practical and hands-on nature of the PlumeSIM Live Training system ensures trainees are able to experience the full functionality of their equipment and PPE

Immersion - trainees are exposed to a wide range of psychological and physiological responses that they are likely to experience in a live setting

Safety - PlumeSIM can be used in an unlimited variety of scenarios, including urban and indoor settings, with no safety risk to personnel, the environment or infrastructure

Enhanced learning outcomes - Powerful After Action Review (AAR) capability enables all the actions and movements of the trainees to be monitored in real-time and recorded for post-exercise evaluation

Versatility - the interface readily supports the use of a wide range of both portable and vehicle-based simulator detector equipment, it can be integrated into any Live or Virtual CBRN training system and it enables personnel to train against a diverse variety of radiological and chemical threats

Instructor control - the portable systems enable real-time remote instructor management of plumes or hotspots, the specific substances or chemical agents that the students will train against; the environmental conditions in which the exercise takes place and different release characteristics such as duration or persistence

Efficiency - exercises can be quickly reset and repeated without any need to decontaminate, maintain or recalibrate equipment, or wait for radioactive decay

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