DT616-SIM Radiation Safety Training Simulator

The RADSIM DT616-SIM is a Beta / Gamma radiation safety training simulator probe for use with the Mirion / Canberra AN/VDR-2, AN/PDR-77 and RDS100 survey meters. The advanced simulator enables you to use the radiation simulator probe with your operational AN/VDR-2, AN/PDR-77 and RDS100 meter and obtain readings just like a real source without the need to change the calibration of the actual instrument.


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BG-SIM-P Radiation Hazard Detection Simulator for the AN VDR-2  PDR-77
AN / VDR-2 / PDR77 Sim Instructor Controller

The BG-SIM-P simulator probe set provides you with a radiation training system that enables your students to experience the operational features of equivalent Mirion / Canberra RDS-100 and AN/PDR-77 probes without the need to utilize real radiation sources or radioactive materials.

BG-SIM-P responds to safe electromagnetic and magnetic sources that simulate beta and gamma radiation, removing regulatory, environmental, and health and safety concerns for you and your students. You can use the simulation sources anywhere,including within public buildings.

Features of the BG-SIM-P:

  • For use with Mirion / Canberra AN/VDR-2, PDR-77 and RDS100 radiation meters
  • Demonstrate 1/r2 (inverse square law) response
  • Very realistic simulation of shielding
  • Simulation of Gamma and Beta radiation hazard response
  • Responds to safe Beta simulation radiation sources that can be hidden on a person
  • Simulation of partial and full decontamination
  • Responds to standard Argon simulation Gamma sources
  • No need to recalibrate your real instrument before or after use
  • Provided with an instructor remote control (pictured)
  • PlumeSIM compatible

The BG-SIM-P* system probe for training in the use of the:

  • RDS-100 radiac meter with the RDS-100GP probe
  • AN/PDR-77 radiac meter with the Beta/Gamma probe

*The BG-SIM-P can also be used with the M-243/VDR-2 radiac meter to simulate the DT616/VDR

Radiation safety training with BG-SIM-P simulation probe

BG-SIM-P permits radiological incident instructors to safely teach critical search, reconnaissance, survey/ location, sentry and decontamination skills as well as a practical understanding of inverse square law, isodoserate mapping, shielding and safe demarcation.

Whilst the BG-SIM-P receives an encoded signal representing specific gamma emitting radionuclides from deployed electromagnetic simulation sources, it also responds to magnetic simulation sources that simulate beta sources for training in contamination, cross contamination and decontamination.

An instructor remote controller (IRC) is provided in order to simulate the effects of partial or complete decontamination when using magnetic simulation sources, or to simulate probe failure.

Training in the use of complementary equipment types with common simulation sources

Argon simulation systems enable realistic simultaneous training in the use of different types of radiation detection instruments. The BG-SIM-P system is compatible with other dosimeter, survey/radiac meter, and spectrometer simulators manufactured by Argon Electronics, permitting multi-detector, multi-isotope training to take place within the same scenario. You can even optionally include hazardous substance releases including chemical warfare agents to drive HazMat / CW simulation detectors.

PlumeSIM – Simulation of wide area tactical and emergency response field exercises

The BG-SIM-P system is compatible with Argon’s PlumeSIM system. PlumeSIM enables real time instrumented wide area operational training exercises to be conducted using single or multiple simulation device types that respond in the real world to multiple virtual radiation or chemical hazard release events.

Cost effective realistic training for your teams

BG-SIM-P probes are powered by the same battery supply as the real radiac meters to which they are connected. The simulators require no preventative maintenance or recalibration, reducing the cost of ownership. Expensive damage to real detectors is avoided which means operational readiness is maintained.


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BG-SIM-P Radiation Hazard Detection Simulator compatible with the AN VDR-2  PDR-77