Steel Beasts Pro Meets PlumeSIM

Argon Electronics has collaborated with independent software developer eSim Games to embed PlumeSIM’s CBRN hazard detection capability within the Steel Beasts Pro combined arms combat training system.

Addressing the evolving CBRN training challenge

The ever-increasing diversity and complexity of chemical and radiological threats has fuelled the demand for even higher-quality, more realistic and more cost-effective training tools for use by military and civilian CBRN personnel.

Standalone CBRN simulation technologies, such as Argon Electronics’ wide-area instrumented training system PlumeSIM, have demonstrated their value in enhancing CBRN training outcomes.

Similarly, eSim’s Steel Beasts Pro is highly regarded for its contribution to the honing of trainees’ confidence and tactical ability across a wide range of training applications.

However, there has also been growing recognition of the need for an even more flexible, scalable and affordable CBRN simulator training tool that can be easily incorporated within an organisation's own simulation system.

The partnership between Argon and eSim Games was prompted by a request from an existing Steel Beasts Pro user who expressed the desire to be able to incorporate Argon’s high-fidelity PlumeSIM CBRN capability within its tactical exercises.

In response, Argon set about adapting its PlumeSIM technology to create the PlumeSIM Application Programme Interface (API).

Steel Beasts Pro environment

"The market has been eager for a quality solution at an affordable price tag which exposes combat troops in their scenarios to incidents involving chemical and radiological threats."

Nils Hinrochsen, Director, eSim Games

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Argon’s PlumeSIM API

Argon’s PlumeSIM API software component enables the PlumeSIM training system to be interfaced to a third party, Live and Virtual simulation system, and to import and display CBRN plumes (and their associated threat data) in real time.

With this added capability, users of Steel Beasts Pro are able to further develop their skills in recognising and responding to CBRN hazards. All information is presented in a compatible and seamless format within the trainee’s own in-service simulation system.

The bidirectional nature of the PlumeSIM API interface provides the ability for plumes to respond to any specific meteorological condition that is applied within the simulation.

Each participant’s exposure (both current and cumulative) can then be determined based on their individual position and route.

The Steel Beasts Pro system is then able to use the information obtained to apply a relevant Damaged/Disabled status and to display an animated response within the simulation.


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Aiding complex tactical decision-making under real-time conditions

With the help of Steel Beasts Pro’s inbuilt PlumeSIM CBRN capability, instructors are able to create company and platoon-scale training exercises that replicate the stressful and high-pressure nature of real-time combat conditions.

Trainees are immersed in hyper-realistic scenarios which strengthen their technical skills, test their tactical decision-making and consolidate their understanding of their individual roles within the company framework.

Detailed After Action Review (AAR) enables trainee movements and actions to be recorded and saved for playback, discussion and evaluation.

Further benefits of the PlumeSIM API include:

  • Improved unit coherence
  • Greater leadership proficiency
  • Zero environmental impact
  • No risk of accident or injury
  • Minimal maintenance or repairs
  • Reduced ammunition waste
  • No safety regulations
LCD3.3-SIM & PDR-77-SIM Argon Electronics

“This project once again demonstrates the flexibility of PlumeSIM in providing customers with an effective CBRN/HazMat training capability.”

Steven Pike, Founder, Argon Electronics