About Argon Electronics

Global pioneers of CBRNe / HazMat training solutions 

Argon Electronics was established in 1987 and has since become a leading global provider in the development and manufacture of hazardous material detector simulators, most notably in the fields of military Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRNe) defence. Our simulators have applications from civil response to unconventional terrorism and accidental release, and international treaty verification, with a growing presence in the nuclear energy generation, industrial, petrochemical and education markets.

Argon simulation systems are designed and developed using a proprietary common technology platform, and recognition of the validity of this integrated approach to instrumented training has been evidenced by supply to many of the foremost organisations in this arena, and the need to double the size of our premises in 2006.

30 years of global innovation in CBRNe simulators

After 30 years of providing innovative solutions to our customers and a distribution network across the UK, Europe and the US, Argon continues to meet the ongoing technological advance and expanding array of fielded detection systems that has generated an ever growing and increasingly critical need for comprehensive training. By combining strong relationships with many of the leading detector manufacturers with the development of versatile new platforms for professionals responsible for delivery of the highest standards in training, Argon offers the assurance of safe and cost effective training for which there is no alternative.

Argon has been at the forefront of CBRNe and Hazardous material simulator design and manufacture for in excess of 25 years. Privately held and based in the United Kingdom, Argon’s substantial Intellectual Property portfolio spans worldwide with customers in the US and Europe, enabling the company to develop world class simulation systems that have transformed CBRN and HazMat training for our customers.

Relationships with world leading detector manufacturers

The company has a strong relationship with many of the world’s leading detector manufacturers enabling its products to meet the highest levels of simulation fidelity. Our high regard for quality and the environment, demonstrated by our ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation and support of different charities through the years is testament to our sense of corporate social responsibility.

The technology Argon employs, and the manner in which it is employed is unique, in that the actual detection characteristics of each detector are replicated, enabling multi substance, multi detector training to take place in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

We consider ourselves world leaders in our field, and strive through technical innovation and excellent customer service to maintain that position.

Argon Electronics
Chemical warfare agent training

Worldwide representation

To ensure our customer are provided with optimum support, Argon has representatives appointed in many countries:

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Our Values


As a market leader we set the standard in CBRN / HazMat simulation technology. Our knowledge and experience makes us the first choice of CBRN / HazMat professionals wishing to enhance and improve their exercises by incorporating Real Experience Training™.


Our customers and partners can engage with us and be confident that we can be trusted with sensitive information.


We continually strive to offer cutting edge solutions for training in the use of evolving Detection, Identification and Monitoring (DIM) technologies.


To provide the global response community with an effective, realistic means to not only better prepare for but also demonstrating a capability to respond to CBRN or HazMat incidents.


Our Quality System is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and BS EN ISO 14001:2015


All product design and manufacture and operations are implemented with due regard to environmental sustainability.

Mission Statement

To be the global market leader in the provision of realistic, safe, cost effective training systems that will ensure worldwide excellence in CRBN and HazMat preparedness and emergency response.

Vision Statement

To ensure we live in a world where every CBRN and HazMat responder is fully prepared to provide rapid, safe and effective incident response by provision of Real Experience Training.


The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring the highest legal and ethical standards and has produced a Code of Conduct for the Argon Electronics (UK) Ltd. (the Company) to adopt. The objective of the Code of Conduct is to protect the reputation of the Company and its employees. This Code of Conduct is of substantial importance as it will govern the way in which the company treats the issue of bribery.

We will conduct our business in an honest way without resorting to acts of bribery to obtain an unfair advantage.

We will set out the standards we expect from our employees in their internal and external dealings with our colleagues, customers and third parties.

We will conduct every aspect of our business with integrity, honesty and openness.

We will ensure that no employee or business will accept or give a bribe, facilitation payment or other improper payment.

We will not support, tolerate or condone any form of bribery.

We will ensure that adequate procedures are in place to prevent the risk of bribery.

We will comply with all applicable export control laws and sanctions when conducting business around the world.

We will ensure that accepting or giving any entertainment or gift that is designed to influence business decisions is not acceptable.

We will aim to develop strong relationships with our suppliers based on trust, understanding and respect.

We will expect those we do business with including agents, distributors, subsidiaries, intermediaries, consultants and contractors in the UK and overseas to adhere to principles consistent with our own.

We will comply with the laws and regulations wherever we do business.

We will expect all employees to behave respectfully and honestly in all their dealing with customers in accordance with the principles in this code.

We will ensure that we purchase a range of goods required for the operation of our business and rely upon a number of key suppliers; good working relationships with our suppliers are important for the success of our business.

We will always encourage employees to report any concerns regarding bribery or corruption through the Company’s Whistleblowing policy.