PlumeSIM-SMART Wide-Area / Tabletop CBRNe / HazMat Offsite release Training System

An App-based training system that provides you with the capability to deliver practical, highly engaging Command Officer and survey operative tabletop and live field CBRNe / HazMat and offsite release exercises incorporating gaseous, radioactive, Hazardous Material (HazMat) and Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) threats and releases.


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PlumeSIM-SMART enables you to select threat substance, release type, timing and duration of single or multiple virtual radiation or chemical plumes. You can also configure meteorological conditions and modify wind direction and velocity at different locations in real time during the exercise to affect plume dispersion.

Powerful App based simulation instruments respond in real time according to the evolving simulated threat environment and characteristics / configuration of the simulated detector while your students manoeuvre throughout the exercise area either by means of a virtual gamepad or GPS tracked physical movement.

You can rapidly deploy scenarios involving Nuclear reactors, radiological sources / devices, industrial / petrochemical facilities and toxic substance releases can be saved as libraries for future use and shared with other users.

PlumeSIM-SMART simulates:

  • Single or multiple threats / releases
  • Radioactivity, Radioactive compounds, TICs / TIMs and CWA
  • Real-time chemical or radiation plume variation to changes in wind direction and velocity
  • Hot spots, static emissions, hidden / activated radiological dispersion devices, puffs and plumes
  • Evaporation, deposition, persistency, radioactive fallout and decay
  • Sources comprising Individual or multiple radionuclides
  • Foot, fixed or vehicle based survey / monitoring / reconnaissance
  • Placement of water barriers to restrict plume from sensitive areas

PlumeSIM-SMART supports:

  • Tabletop and large (up to 2,500 square Km / 960 square miles) field exercises
  • Multiple survey teams and simulators
  • GIS Mapping and “home-made” maps for sensitive missions
  • Wide variety of simulated detection instruments
  • Offsite release response plan verification (COMAH, SEVESO etc.)

Simulators are available for:

  • Radiological survey
  • Radiological dosimeter
  • Chemical warfare detectors
  • Multi Gas with user selectable sensors including PID, and O2

CBRNe / HazMat Tabletop exercises brought to life

Students manoeuvre using a virtual gamepad and view simulated readings based upon the threat and their location – no more passing written notes with pretend readings!

Instructor selectable student views of meteorological conditions, threat, threat location and plume dispersion facilitate a highly engaging learning environment.

Field Exercises get serious

Simulated field readings experienced in real time GPS tracking monitors and records student movement whilst their simulated readings indicated at EXCON in real time. GPRS cellular radio link ensures reliable, large area operation.

Evaluate survey teams, cell controllers, senior commanders and management

Survey teams can report readings to facilitate hazard prediction using your standard warning and reporting software; enabling cell controllers to provide senior officers, commanders and management with valuable information for decision making.

Hazard predictions can be compared to the simulated threat to determine the veracity of the survey, threat measurement, communication, hazard prediction and decision making process.

After Action Review (AAR) facilitates effective table top and field exercise learning outcomes

Powerful AAR permits review of the entire exercise or specific elements. Breadcrumb trails allow you to demonstrate and discuss survey routes, time taken, personal dose management and information collected and communicated.

This enables you to debate instructions given, decisions taken, and their subsequent consequences / impact as a result of the simulated readings and hazard predictions. Accurate exercise reports enable you to demonstrate response veracity to senior management and regulatory authorities.

PlumeSIM-SMART for Incident Commanders

For Incident Commanders (IC), it is vital to ensure that all hazardous response and emergency management personnel are trained and evaluated in the required competencies for response to hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) incidents.

In the US, the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 472 addresses the minimum levels of competence required when responding to emergencies involving hazardous materials.

In the UK, the National Operational Guidance (NOG) for Hazardous Materials has been developed to assist local fire and rescue services in developing their own individual policies for training in hazardous materials operations.

For smaller organizations in particular, the cost-saving, subscription-based approach of PlumeSIM-SMART offers Company Commanders a practical and affordable simulation training solution that requires no additional purchase of equipment.

The PlumeSIM-SMART app facilitates training in the standard five-gas chemical system as well as radiation dose and dose rate.

For Company Commanders who wish to include training in response to chemical warfare agents (CWAs), there is also the option to subscribe to a chemical warfare simulation capability that focuses on the use of the LCD3.3 and AP4C detectors.

Packaged to meet your needs

Our comprehensive subscription scheme enables your organisation and associated stakeholders to rapidly benefit from this world class training system with minimal investment including pay as you go exercises.


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