Radiation Safety Training Solutions

Environmentally friendly, safe radiation safety training systems that enable a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios for Beta/Gamma search and survey

Radiation Hazard - the invisible threat

Radiation training has always been challenging; a health risk not only to the students but also the instructor. How can you ensure people understand that this invisible threat, which generates no immediate sensation, is so dangerous?

Radiation hazard detection is easy?

Most detection instruments are not too difficult to use; which is potentially a hazard since a little knowledge can often be dangerous! Thankfully, most users never experience high readings for real. The skill, of course, is in learning how to recognize and avoid the potential threat and keep safe.


A Guide to Best Practice in Radiation Safety Training

Explore the issues that are most commonly encountered by instructors, exercise planners, the military and first response teams in planning for radiation safety training.

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radiation hazard training

Radiation training, live sources and regulations

Using real radiation sources has value for your training, but the legislation and administration associated with storing, transporting and using live sources or dispersing radioactive contaminant are not something you look forward to every day, and the cost of their replacement is very high.

What is a Rem, Gy or mSv?

Ensuring your staff understand readings, changes in units of measurement, shielding, survey, contamination avoidance, and decontamination procedures is difficult. Generating realistic scenarios, such as damaged source containment, radionuclide spills, major reactor releases or even a radiological dispersion device, even more so.


Discuss your radiation training simulator needs

Understand how simulation training can make sure your personnel are fully prepared for a radiation event.

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Safe radiation training systems

Argon's environmentally friendly, safe radiation training systems use simulated radionuclide emitters, enabling a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios for Beta/Gamma search and survey, radionuclide identification, contamination monitoring, and dose rate assessment.

Point source, nuclear fallout and dirty bomb simulation

Based upon either adapted instruments, simulation probes or generic trainers, our simulators are easy to use and require no preventative maintenance or regular calibration. Used alone or integrated with our Live or Virtual training solutions, you can create and repeat a wide variety of safe, “regulation free” scenarios to fulfil your radiological hazard training needs.

Radiation Training Solutions