RAID-M100 Chemical Hazard Detection Simulator

The Bruker Daltonics’ RAID-M100 detector training simulator offers an enhanced selection of instrumented training systems to  military and civil CBRNe responders.


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Chemical hazard detection simulator RAID-M100 Argon Electronics
Chemical hazard detection simulator RAID-M100 Argon Electronics

The RAID-M100-SIM is a dedicated simulation instrument that provides instructors and their students with a unique combination of features for training in the correct use of the Bruker RAID M / RAID M100 in virtually any scenario and environment. You can define the simulated threat to represent specific CWAs such as GB, GD, GF, HD and the instrument will indicate that specific threat when the student locates the simulation source.

The RAID-M100-SIM comes with all the ease of use and realistic features you have come to expect from Argon’s other simulation systems, including instructor remote control and after action review capability. Consumables are also simulated enabling you to ensure students understand how to change the RAID M100 sieve pack and drying filter.

Raid M100 Simulator features include:

  • Identification of simulated CWA and TICs.
  • No ionizing radiation source.
  • Replacement of sieve pack and filter.
  • Partial and full decontamination of detected simulate substance.
  • Persistent and non persistent CWAs
  • Responds to safe, environmentally friendly electronic simulation HazMat sources.
  • Simulates actual identification of detected substances.
  • Simulates contamination of probe during contamination monitoring.
  • Monitoring and reporting of user errors such as missed confidence test.
  • Easy to set up CBRNe / HazMat exercises and training scenarios.
  • Low cost of ownership – No preventative maintenance or regular calibration required.
  • Compatible with PlumeSIM.

This simulator is compatible with our existing range of CBRNe simulation instruments enabling students to understand the benefits of different types of detection technology, as well as the PlumeSIM system for instrumented collective wide area field exercise and table-top CBRNe training.

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Raid-M 100 chemical hazard detection simulator instructor controller