S4PE Chemical Hazard Detection Simulator

Training simulator for the Proengin S4PE surface sampler and confidence tester. Looks and functions just like the actual S4PE used with the AP4C detectors.


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S4PE Chemical Hazard Detection Simulator case

The AP4C-SIM detector simulators respond to safe electronic sources that simulate chemical vapours, toxic industrial substances or false positives.

This means you no longer need to use simulants which can harm the environment, saturate the training area, or risk damage to detectors and health and safety concerns to you and your students. You can use the sources anywhere, including within public buildings.

Most scenarios can be set up in less than ten minutes and because you control the sources your scenario will not have changed when it is time for the exercise.

AP4C-SIM are designed to be fully compatible with the Argon PlumeSIM system for wide area tactical field exercises.

AP4C-SIM can simulate:

  • CWAs, TICs and False Positives
  • G and H confidence test scraper
  • Contamination, decontamination and persistency
  • Effect of wind direction and temperature
  • Confidence testing and use of S4PE for sampling
  • Battery and hydrogen cell depletion
  • Collection of surface sample
  • Collected sample warm up cycle
  • Operates with AP4C-SIM simulation sample pipe.
  • Programmable and re-useable sample collection scraper heads to simulate different categories of chemical agent.
  • Compatible with PlumeSIM

Instructor remote control

A simple instructor remote gives you total control of your exercise. This powerful feature lets you decide the effectiveness of decontamination drills by allowing you to control the remaining contamination.

This means you can use water for decontamination avoiding damage to your assets and the environment. What’s more, you can instantly reset your scenarios for your next exercise. You use the same controller to simulate persistency and the effects of wind or temperature, as well as battery and hydrogen cell depletion.

Training in the use of complementary equipment types with common simulation sources

Argon simulation systems enable realistic simultaneous training in the use of detection instruments that work on different technology principles.

AP4C-SIM are compatible with other simulators manufactured by Argon Electronics, including CAMSIM, the LCD-SIM series, RAID-M100-SIM and the S4PE-SIM, permitting multi-detector, multi-substance training to take place within the same training scenario.

The simulators accurately replicate the AP4C and S4PE appearance and functions in a safe, practical manner. For further information on training with multiple simulators a white paper can be downloaded from our website.

Student performance reporting for after action review

Students are required to set up and use their detector simulator following the procedures for the real detector. If these are not correctly followed the simulator records any student errors and the instructor is able to switch the device to display a detailed and indisputable performance report during or after the exercise.

Cost effective training

AP4C-SIM work on the same battery supply as the real detectors. The simulators require no preventative maintenance and spares are minimised to reduce cost of ownership. Expensive damage to real detectors is avoided which means operational readiness is maintained.

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S4PE Chemical Hazard Detection Simulator in use