Radsim DS3 Mini 900 Radiation Safety Training Simulator

The Radsim DS3 is a training simulator for the Thermo / Mini Instruments Mini Monitor 900 EP15 contamination monitor that enables you to teach the detection of Alpha and Beta particles using safe, environmentally friendly training simulants.


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Radsim DS3 Mini 900 radiation hazard detection simulator
Radsim DS3 mini 900 radiation hazard detection simulator

Radsim DS3 Mini 900 radiation contamination training simulator:

  • Responds to safe, inexpensive simulated radioactive liquids and powders.
  • Permits simulation of contamination and cross contamination.
  • Easy to use for Radiological / HazMat training exercises and scenarios.
  • Simulates contamination threshold alarm.
  • Perfect for radiological and CBRN exercises.

Radsim DS3 is ideal for:

  • Educational establishments
  • Hospitals, medical and health facilities
  • First responder training
  • Nuclear facility training
  • Decommissioning clearance training

The photon based Fluorescent simulation technology enables a variety of coloured powder simulants to be used and also liquid and creams. This enables you to simulate contamination of different surfaces including protective gloves and food. The liquid simulant can be mixed with water to simulate contaminated drinking water. The simulants are based upon commonly used dyes, food additives and cosmetic bases to ensure safety, the product Material Safety Data Sheets disclosing all substances used.

The simulator can be configured to respond to the simulants as Alpha, Beta or Alpha Beta; the setting modifying the detection range of the simulation probe so you can teach the importance of correct probe use. Using the Radsim DS3 you are able to teach contamination detection, cross contamination and decontamination safely. A user adjustable Background and speaker with mute capability are realistically simulated. You can also set the simulated alarm threshold to meet the requirements of your scenario.

Powered by low cost commercially available Alkaline batteries, the Radsim DS3 does not require any form of preventative maintenance or regular calibration ensuring very low ongoing cost of ownership.

The Radsim DS3 is supplied with:

  • Monitor and simulation probe
  • Selection of liquid and powder simulants
  • Tool to adjust offset and alarm
  • Carry case
  • User manual 


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Radsim DS3 Mini 900 radiation contamination detection simulator