SAM940 Radiation Safety Training Simulator

The SAM940-SIM-NaI-P is a NaI Gamma spectrometer radiation safety training simulator probe for use with the BNC/PGT SAM940 that enables students to experience the operational features of the real idendifier without an ionizing radiation source.


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SAM940 radiation hazard simulator training source

The SAM940-SIM-NaI-P simulation probe replaces the real NaI detector and utilises the Thermo display and electronics component of the SAM940 system for either attached integral monitoring or dismounted extension search.  

SAM940-SIM-NaI-P responds to safe, user programmable electronic sources that simulate gamma radiation and specific nuclear isotopes including SNM (Special Nuclear Materials), removing regulatory, environmental, and health and safety concerns for you and your students. You can use the simulation sources anywhere, including within public buildings.

SAM940-SIM-NaI-P enables you to provide high quality spectrometer training:

  • For use with the BNC/PNG SAM940 and the Thermo RIIDEye

  • Simulation of response to specific radiological / nuclear isotopes including SNM (Special Nuclear Materials)

  • Responds to standard Argon programmable simulation radiation sources at up to 30m

  • Simulation of all SAM940 functions and display features for warning and identification

  • Optional LaBr3 and NaI neutron simulation probes available

  • Specific nuclear isotope identification

  • Real time gamma source dose rate

  • All of the SAM940 display screen options

  • The status of the meter including visual and audible alarms

SAM940-SIM-NaI-P is compatible with the:

  • SAM940 display and electronics component.
  • Argon PlumeSIM wide area exercise system

Training with SAM940-SIM-NaI-P

SAM940-SIM-NaI-P permits radiological incident instructors to safely teach critical search, reconnaissance, survey/location and isotope/SNM identification skills, as well as a practical understanding of inverse square law, isodoserate mapping, shielding and safe demarcation. The SAM940-SIM-NaI-P responds to an encoded signal representing specific gamma emitting radionuclides from deployed electronic simulation sources at a range of up to 30m line of sight.

Training in the use of complementary equipment types with common simulation sources

Argon simulation systems enable realistic simultaneous training in the use of different types of radiation detection instruments. SAM940-SIM-NaI-P is compatible with other dosimeter, survey/radiac meter, and spectrometer simulators manufactured by Argon Electronics, permitting multi-detector, multi-isotope training to take place within the same scenario. You can even optionally include hazardous substance releases including chemical warfare agents to drive HazMat / CW simulation detectors. 

PlumeSIM – Simulation of wide area tactical and emergency response field exercises

The SAM940-SIM-NaI-P is also compatible with Argon’s PlumeSIM system. PlumeSIM enables real time instrumented wide area operational training exercises to be conducted using single or multiple simulation device types that respond in the real world to multiple virtual radiation or chemical hazard release events. For further information on PlumeSIM please see our separate literature for details of this innovative system or contact us for your free evaluation copy of PlumeSIM.

Cost effective realistic training for your teams

The SAM940-SIM-NaI-P probe is powered by a separate integral rechargeable battery supply for extended training opportunity. The simulator requires no preventative maintenance or recalibration, reducing the cost of ownership. Expensive damage to real detectors is avoided which means operational readiness is maintained.


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SAM940 radiation hazard detection simulator screen view
SAM940 radiation hazard detection simulator screen view 2