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Argon Electronics is keen to hear from detector manufacturers who would like to partner with us as we move into the commercial phase of the revolutionary Radiation Field Training Simulator (RaFTS).

RaFTS represents an unparalleled leap in the delivery of realistic spectrometry-based radiation training scenarios by providing a way for suitably adapted operational spectrometers to respond to totally safe simulated radiation sources.

RaFTS was initially developed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), with Argon adding further enhancements under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) in 2020.

The initial implementation of the RaFTS project focused on the integration of the technology within the ORTEC Detective X Spectrometer and the TerraTracker ARAM mobile detector.

In August 2020, Argon and LLNL announced the signing of an exclusive commercialization and distribution license which will enable this innovative universal technology to be applied to an even wider range of CBRN and HazMat detector products.

RaFTS NaI Prototype Vehicle Survey Simulator-2
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About RaFTS

RaFTS marks an unparalleled advancement in the delivery of realistic, spectrometry-based training scenarios by enabling real detectors to be safely used for training purposes.

With the addition of a simple adaptation, the required signalling can be injected into any suitably adapted existing CBRN or HazMat detection system to create radiation training exercises that feature highly realistic representations of individual and mixed radionuclides.

RaFTS enabled detectors are capable of responding to Argon’s Radsim radiation sources, as well as PlumeSIM, to facilitate both localised and wide-area radiation exercises.

The high-fidelity spectra generated by RaFTS is also sufficiently realistic to enable users to practice the entire cycle of detection, including reach-back - a vital capability that has been unachievable using any other form of simulated radiation technology, up till now.

The comprehensiveness of the RaFTS simulation platform means it can be incorporated within a wide range of standard Argon radiation simulators including Mirion AN/VDR-2 / RDS100 Beta Gamma simulators; UDR13/14/15 dosimeters and Thermo FH40H / RadEye.

While RaFTS has initially focused on simulation of radiological spectrometry, the technology can be applied to virtually any type of radiation detector or Hazardous Material detector, including handheld detectors, mobile detectors, backpack detectors and portal monitors.

Commercial Opportunities

Why join RaFTS?

  • Harness a universal training solution that can be applied across your entire detector range
  • Provide your customer base with even more powerful training capability
  • Enhance user confidence in the functionality and reliability of your detector systems
  • Create greater “real life detector use” exposure through this enhanced training capability

RaFTS Partners

ORTEC are leaders in the design and manufacturer of precision High Purity Germanium detectors, nuclear instrumentation, analysis software and systems.
RaFTS has been implemented within the “Gold Standard” of spectrometers, the Ortec Detective X HPGe radioisotope identification device (RIID)
Specialists in mobile and fixed radiation detection systems for law enforcement and first response.
RaFTS capability has been integrated into TerraTracker’s Mobile Adaptable Radiation Area Monitor (ARAM)

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