Thermo SVG2 Simulator

SVG-2-SIM responds to Radsim electromagnetic sources that safely simulate ionizing radiation eliminating regulatory, environmental, and health and safety concerns for you and your students. You can use the simulation sources in the open or within buildings. 

The look, feel and response of the SVG-2 simulator is extremely close to that of the actual Thermo Fischer Scientific detector.







High impact radiation training

To ensure the ultimate training experience, SVG-2 SIM is based on an actual SVG-2 with the internal sensors replaced by Argon's superior simulation technology. All user interface features and alerts are exactly the same as the real detector.

Response speed and characteristics when approaching and withdrawing from the simulation source are just like the real SVG-2 enabling you to deliver highly realistic source search / find, survey and reconnaisance training.

Simulated sensitivity enables the SVG-2 SIM to detect the Radsim GS4 simulation Gamma source at a free space distance of typically 200 feet (60 metres) distance line of sight. You can also train using the Simulation Alpha, Beta Gamma probe.

Consistent, repeatable training experience

Powerful proprietary signal processing ensures simulated readings are repeatable each time students revisit the same scenario location while also ensuring the readings observed on different simulators are within the accepted tolerances of actual detectors; all contributing to the provision of high quality, realistic training.

Even the effect of user body shielding to determine source position is realistically simulated so you can be certain your survey teams understand how to use and interpret their detector readings and alarms effectively.

Key features:

  • Inverse square law (1/r2) response within real detector tolerance.
  • Simulation of external Alpha, Beta, Gamma probe.
  • Simulation of user body shielding for source location.
  • Realistic representation of different shielding effects. 
  • Selectable units of measurement (Sv/hr, Rem, CPS).
  • Same human interface as real SVG-2.
  • Configurable menu settings.
  • Dose and dose rate alarm settings.
  • Same commercial batteries or remote / vehicle power as real detector.
  • No regular calibration.
  • No preventative maintenance.

Time distance shielding

The SVG-2 training simulator enables the importance of time/distance shielding to be taught and demonstrated with ease; the activity of the simulated source realistically reduced depending upon the material and distance between the simulation source and the simulated detector.

Extremely realistic inverse square law response allows the powerful protective combination of distance and shielding to be demonstrated enabling students to practice communication of recommendations and safety procedures without the regulatory, safety, environmental and cost restrictions associated with real sources. 

Cost effective realistic training

No real sources, preventative maintenance, calibration or consumables (except batteries) are required ensuring whole life cost of ownership is minimal, expensive damage to real detectors is avoided and operational readiness is maintained.

PlumeSIM compatible

SVG-2 SIM is compatible with PlumeSIM, Argon’s proven Live Field and Tabletop CBRN exercise system. In use by many of the world’s leading training facilities, PlumeSIM enables real time instrumented wide area tactical field and nuclear / HazMat / Chemical Warfare emergency response exercises to be conducted using single or multiple simulation device types that respond in the real time to simulated hazards. 

SVG-2 is a trademark of Thermo Fischer Scientific.