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Argon to Exhibit and Present at the CBRNe Summit Europe 2023

Written by Steven Pike on 15 February 2023

Argon is looking forward to attending the CBRNe Summit Europe in Lisbon, Portugal this March. We plan to exhibit a wide range of CBRN training systems to support training in contamination avoidance,  monitoring and control, reconnaissance, search, and survey and additionally present a conference paper outlining the latest developments enabling you to implement “Real Experience” CBRN training.

Also importantly, we’re going to demonstrate how versatile our devices are by running “real experience training”  scenarios on board a railway train.  


NCT Europe 2021

Written by Steven Pike on 04 October 2021

Europe’s leading and largest event for emergency services personnel, NCT Europe 2021, will take place between 5–7 October 2021. The event is part of the globally recognised NCT event series organised by the CBRNe Society. IB Consultancy originally hosted the event, but today it closely assists CBRNe Society and is in charge of the logistical organisation.


A guide to the UK Emergency Services Show 2021

Written by Steven Pike on 31 August 2021

The UK’s leading event for emergency services personnel, the Emergency Services Show, will take place at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC)  on the 7th and 8th of September 2021. 

This year’s live event will include a specially curated seminar programme together with an exhibition of the latest technologies, services and training systems available to the emergency services sector.


Radiological Protection: a guide to the SRP Annual Conference 2021

Written by Steven Pike on 25 May 2021

The past decade has seen the UK radiation protection community facing a diverse range of opportunities and challenges, fueled in no small part by developments in science and technology, the implications of the 2013 EURATOM Basic Safety Standards and ongoing study into the nature and scale of radiological risk. 

The Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) will address these topics and more over the course of its highly-anticipated annual conference which is scheduled to take place in Bournemouth, UK, from July 5th to 8th 2021.


CBRNe Summit USA: exploring preparedness, capability and response

Written by Steven Pike on 30 March 2021

After a year of digital interaction, online events and virtual networking, many within the CBRNe industry will no doubt be keenly awaiting the return to face-to-face conferences and exhibitions.

Among the live events that were previously postponed due to COVID-19 is CBRNe Summit USA which is currently scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 12th to 14th 2021.

Attendees at this highly-anticipated inaugural conference, exhibition and live demonstration will have the opportunity to hear insights from military and civilian officials representing the spectrum of CBRNe preparedness, training and response. 


SRP Annual Conference explores radiation protection challenges

Written by Steven Pike on 17 March 2020


The introduction of new radiation safety standards, combined with the as yet unknown outcome of Brexit, have contributed to a plethora of challenges that are likely to impact those operating within the radiation protection (RP) community for many years to come.

The quest to find practical solutions to these many issues will provide a central focus for the upcoming Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) Annual Conference, which is scheduled to take place at the Bournemouth International Centre, UK, from April 28th to April 30th 2020.


A visitor's guide to the Security & Policing exhibition 2020

Written by Steven Pike on 28 January 2020

The UK's leading annual Security and Policing event will be taking place at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre this March 3rd to March 5th 2020.

Hosted by the Home Office's Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC), the Security & Policing exhibition is the only 'closed' event of its kind and, as such, is widely regarded as being a cornerstone of the UK security calendar.


Plan your visit to CBRNe Convergence 2019

Written by Steven Pike on 25 July 2019

The 12th annual CBRNe Convergence will take place in Nashville Tennessee this November 2019 - providing a showcase for the largest CBRNe exhibition in North America, as well as a packed programme of workshops, presentations and hands-on events for CBRNe and HazMat professionals.

This year's event is themed around the merging of civilian and military response to CBRN and IED threats.


Visit the International HazMat Response Teams Conference 2019

Written by Steven Pike on 21 May 2019

The latest product developments and innovations in HazMat training and safety will be on show at the International Hazmat Response Teams Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, June 13th to 16th 2019.

This highly-regarded annual event is organized by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and typically attracts a wide range of HazMat professionals working in the fields of first response, emergency planning, regulatory compliance, counter-terrorism, federal facilities and law enforcement.


Science for safety and security: the 13th CBRNe Protection Symposium

Written by Steven Pike on 14 May 2019

The 13th CBRNe Protection Symposium (formerly the CBW Protection Symposium) will take place at the MalmöMassän Exhibition and Congress Center in Malmö, Sweden this September 24th to 26th 2019.

The ever-evolving character of modern-day CBRNe threats has relevance that reaches far beyond military defence circles, with an increasing number of biological, chemical and explosive terrorist acts taking place in civilian settings throughout the world.