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Coming events: what's new in HazMat & CBRNe for 2019

Written by Steven Pike on 13-Dec-2018 15:50:00

Exhibitions, trade-shows and conferences can provide an invaluable opportunity for HazMat and CBRNe practitioners to view, try and compare the very latest developments in chemical warfare, equipment, machinery, tools and technologies.

In this blog post we highlight seven internationally recognized HazMat and CBRNe events that will be taking place around the world in 2019.


CBRNe Convergence 2018: what to see and do

Written by Steven Pike on 10-Oct-2018 13:00:00

Argon Electronics will be among the global CBRNe and HazMat professionals at the eleventh annual CBRNe Convergence which takes place in Orlando, Florida, from November 6th to 8th, 2018.

This year's event brings together leading world experts in the fields of WMD, chemical attacks, biological weapons and HazMat - with the programme of activities tying together on the theme of the merging of military and civilian response to CBRNe and IED threats.


The Netherlands hosts 8th annual NCT Europe CBRNe exhibition

Written by Steven Pike on 26-Jul-2018 14:00:00

The 8th edition of the highly successful European NCT event series, NCT Europe 2018,  took place from July 3rd to 5th at the Dutch National Training Center at the Bredero Barrack, Vught, The Netherlands.

The three-day event featured multinational CBRN capability demonstrations, live C-IED and EOD exercises, multiple workshops for civil and military responders, an annual conference and a large indoor/outdoor industry exhibition.


Key facts about the CBRN Exhibition 2018

Written by Steven Pike on 11-Jun-2018 13:00:00

Argon's award-winning instrumented CBRNe exercise systems PlumeSim and PlumeSIM-SMART will be among the array of innovative technologies available to see live in action at the fifth annual CBRN Exhibition in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, this June.

Visitors will also be able to view Argon's range of simulators for the Smiths Detection M4 JCADandM4A1 JCAD chemical agent detectors - as well as a selection of simulation probes for the Canberra/MirionAN/PDR-77, AN/VDR-2andRDS100 radiation detection systems.


A guide to six must-visit CBRNe and HazMat Exhibitions in 2018 

Written by Steven Pike on 26-Mar-2018 13:00:00

Argon Electronics will be exhibiting our wide range of award-winning electronic simulator training systems at a variety of high-profile international CBRNe and HazMat exhibitions throughout 2018.

In this blog post we provide an overview of where and when you can meet us and our representatives, what you'll be able to see, and how you can schedule an appointment for a more detailed discussion with a member of our team.