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Argon to Exhibit and Present at the CBRNe Summit Europe 2023

Written by Steven Pike on 15 February 2023

Argon is looking forward to attending the CBRNe Summit Europe in Lisbon, Portugal this March. We plan to exhibit a wide range of CBRN training systems to support training in contamination avoidance,  monitoring and control, reconnaissance, search, and survey and additionally present a conference paper outlining the latest developments enabling you to implement “Real Experience” CBRN training.

Also importantly, we’re going to demonstrate how versatile our devices are by running “real experience training”  scenarios on board a railway train.  


5 Tools To Enhance The Realism of Radiation Training

Written by Steven Pike on 03 August 2022

Successful radiation training scenarios rely on the extent to which the instructor is able to create a compelling, hands-on and truly life-like training experience. 


CBRN Training Tools: How to Compare the Latest Technology

Written by Steven Pike on 25 March 2022


Running A Safe, Cost-Effective, and Efficient Radiation Training Simulation

Written by Bryan W Sommers - SGM U.S. Army, Ret. on 01 February 2022

On the surface, radiation training can seem somewhat straightforward: teach students how to properly and safely respond to situations involving radiation. However, as many CBRNe instructors know, it’s not that simple. 


Preparing for Event X: what CBRN responders can learn from Covid-19

Written by Steven Pike on 17 December 2021

In a recent BBC Richard Dimbleby lecture, Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert detailed how scientists reacted quickly to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the Oxford professor said they should have moved forward at even greater speed. The overarching question throughout her talk was, “How do you fight a pandemic when you are in a pandemic?” While this question might have been moot in 2019, moving into 2022, there is a clear answer. 


Discover Argon's CBRN simulator training tools at FMI Industry Day

Written by Steven Pike on 28 July 2021

Representatives from Danish military defense, security, aerospace and emergency response sectors will be converging in Ballerup, Denmark, on August 26th 2021 for the Ministry of Defence Material and Procurement Agency ‘FMI Industry Day’. 

With a reputation as the country’s largest exhibition of security and defense equipment, FMI Industry Day will provide the opportunity for attendees to explore new developments in the fields of CBRN technology and emergency preparedness available from Argon.


Heightening the realism of CBRNe training with PlumeSIM

Written by Steven Pike on 23 June 2021

Providing military and civilian responders with access to realistic hands-on training is crucial in ensuring that they are able to confidently handle the challenges of a diverse range of CBRNe incidents.

A common issue for CBRNe instructors however, is how to deliver a training experience that offers the desired combination of authenticity, consistency and effectiveness. 


Could micro reactors be the answer to the carbon-emissions crisis?

Written by Steven Pike on 01 December 2020

Seventy years ago, electricity was generated by a nuclear reactor for the very first time at the EBR-I experimental station on the outskirts of Idaho, USA.

Three years later, in Obninsk Russia, a nuclear power station would go on to produce the world's first ever electricity for a power grid.

Through the 1960s and 70s many more nuclear reactors were constructed all over the world, with many countries envisioning a future of cheap and emission-free electricity.


Predicting the civilian reaction to a nuclear WMD event

Written by Steven Pike on 22 August 2019

Being able to predict how civilian individuals will react within the first minutes, hours and days of a major nuclear attack could well provide a life-saving resource for government agencies and emergency first responders.

And it this specific goal that has served as the impetus for an innovative Homeland Defence and Security Information Analysis Centre (HDIAC) research project titled 'A Framework for Modelling Society Following a Nuclear WMD Event'.


CBRNe & HazMat threats: how prepared are our healthcare providers?

Written by Steven Pike on 30 May 2019

CBRNe and HazMat incidents have the potential to contaminate large numbers of the general public.