Argon Electronics CBRNe / HazMat Training News

Argon supply PlumeSIM CBRN simulation system to German Federal Agency

Written by Argon Electronics on 08 Jul 2014

Argon Electronics has been awarded a contract to supply CBRN simulation systems to Technische Hilfswerk (THW – the Federal Agency for Technical Relief), part of Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior. Supplied through OWR, Argon’s representative, the world-class simulation systems will be used to improve the realism of THW’s field training, which prepares its teams on how to respond to a CBRN incident.


Argon delivers radiation simulators to aid UK nuclear safety training

Written by Argon Electronics on 26 Jun 2014

Argon Electronics has recently provided Magnox – owned and operated by Energy Solutions – with a number of innovative radiation meter simulators. The new order supplements previous equipment purchased to enhance safety training for Magnox employees.

A global leader in CBRN and Hazmat training systems, Argon Electronics produces simulators that exactly replicate original dosimeters. For example, the RDS-200-SIM is a realistic copy of the Mirion RDS200, a Gamma Survey meter. 


How to stage an effective CBRN response training exercise

Written by Argon Electronics on 25 Jun 2014

Following a highly successful exercise staged in the UK at Bristol City Football Ground, Steven Pike, Managing Director at Argon Electronics, has offered a list of tips to get the most out of a CBRN response training exercise. Key to the success of the event was the innovative use of electronic CBRN detection simulators, which, integrated with a series of further measures, established a degree of realism that has significantly enhanced training for police in the South West of England.


CBW photo gallery and a look ahead to CBRNe Convergence

Written by Argon Electronics on 24 Jun 2014

We’ve just returned from our trip to the 11th International Symposium on Protection against Chemical & Biological Warfare Agents in Sweden, which took place on the 3rd-5th June. The exhibition brought together CBRN experts and officials from all around the world and highlighted some of the outstanding products and services available to aid CBRN detection, training and combat threats. You can now see our gallery of photos from the event on our Google+ profile.


How simulation can enhance Military battlefield training

Written by Argon Electronics on 04 Jun 2014

Argon Electronics has released a new white paper that focuses on enhancing chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) military response training. Written by Tim Otter, ex-military officer and CEO of Lutra Associates, the paper, titled ‘How Simulation Can Enhance Battlefield Training’, examines the advances in training technology that enable the military to prepare for modern day conflicts.


Argon CBRN training simulators bring realism to Bristol Police drills

Written by Argon Electronics on 21 May 2014

Argon Electronics’ range of CBRN response training simulators has brought a degree of realism that has significantly enhanced training at an exercise staged for police in the South West of the United Kingdom. The Argon equipment was supplied by the Police National CBRN Centre at Ryton-on-Dunsmore in Warwickshire, which oversees the Police’s capacity and capability to deal with CBRN incidents, and was a highly valuable tool in the exercise as a means of improving the quality and value of training.


Argon’s RADSIM 44-9 enhances realism of CBRN response training

Written by Argon Electronics on 05 Mar 2014

Argon Electronics has launched a new detector simulator that offers CBRN/HazMat response training instructors yet another way to enhance the reality of exercises. The Argon RADSIM 44-9-SIM is a versatile simulated detector probe for training in the use of Ludlum’s 44-9 GM pancake-type detector, and can be used with an extensive range of Ludlum survey meters, rate meters and scalers.


Argon helps improve training by sponsoring CBRNe Summit 2014

Written by Argon Electronics on 28 Feb 2014

Argon Electronics is to support research and development into combating the CBRN threat by sponsoring the upcoming CBRNe Summit, which takes place at Brno, Czech Republic between 26th and 28th March 2014. The event will bring experts and senior officials from across Europe to discuss the latest techniques for detecting a threat. Argon Electronics, a world leader in CBRN and HazMat simulation and training aids, will add its own unique expertise and experience to the growing body of knowledge on the subject.


USAF to enhance CBRN training with Argon’s PlumeSIM

Written by Argon Electronics on 17 Feb 2014

Argon Electronics has been contracted by the United States Air Force through the Air Force Civil Engineer Center to deliver their PlumeSIM CBRN training system to enhance CBRN exercises at the Silver Flag Exercise Site at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.


Argon to exhibit at CBRN First Response 2014

Written by Argon Electronics on 07 Feb 2014

Word leader in CBRN and HazMat training equipment, Argon Electronics will be showcasing its latest simulators at CBRN First Response, 11-12 February 2014 in Leicester. Argon’s depth of expertise in providing advanced equipment to national response teams across the globe will help attendees to fully understand the issues surrounding training and simulation for CBRN/HazMat response – a theme which is key focus of this event.