Argon CBRNe / HazMat Training News

Argon to debut COMAH training system at Hazardex 2017

Written by Steven Pike on 02 Mar 2017

For the first time at Hazardex 2017 in Runcorn Argon will be demonstrating PlumeSIM-SMART, a new innovative solution to managing and mitigating the consequences of  offsite releases. PlumeSIM-SMART enables chemical and radiological releases to be simulated permitting monitoring teams, management and emergency responders to train, test and verify their offsite emergency response plans to ensure compliance with COMAH regulations and SEVESO directives. 


Argon releases second line of award winning CBRN simulator; PlumeSIM

Written by Steven Pike on 13 Aug 2015

Argon Electronics is a world leader in simulation systems focused on platforms for defence from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) attacks and incidents involving hazardous material (HazMat). The UK SME was founded 28 years ago and provides its products to response teams across the globe, including in Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, the UK and the US.

Now, Argon Electronics is releasing the next generation of its hugely successful product, PlumeSIM, which will be showcased for the first time at DSEI 2015. PlumeSIM is a wide area field exercise and table top training system using Argon CBRN/HazMat simulators. The portable system enables remote instructor management of its chemical and radiological simulator instruments under a fully configurable ‘virtual plume’, in real time, over user-selected mapping.


Argon launches RAID-M100-SIM chemical warfare detector

Written by Steven Pike on 30 Sep 2014


A simulator for the Bruker RAID-M100 chemical warfare detector will be launched at the prestigious Future Forces exhibition and conference in Prague. The RAID-M100-SIM is a high fidelity training simulator capable of responding to safe, environmentally friendly electronic simulation CWA and TIC sources permitting the simulation of contamination, decontamination and persistency. RAID-M100- SIM even includes simulation confidence testers, sieve pack, drying filter and dopant.


Argon’s RADSIM 44-9 enhances realism of CBRN response training

Written by Steven Pike on 05 Mar 2014

Argon Electronics has launched a new detector simulator that offers CBRN/HazMat response training instructors yet another way to enhance the reality of exercises. The Argon RADSIM 44-9-SIM is a versatile simulated detector probe for training in the use of Ludlum’s 44-9 GM pancake-type detector, and can be used with an extensive range of Ludlum survey meters, rate meters and scalers.


Argon and INFICON launch HAPSITE™ simulator probe at CBRN Convergence 2013

Written by Steven Pike on 24 Oct 2013

Argon Electronics and INFICON will launch HAPSIM-P, a training simulator probe for HAPSITE GC/MS Chemical Identification System at the 6th Annual CBRN Convergence in San Diego, USA.


Bruker grants Argon exclusive Chemical Warfare simulation rights

Written by Steven Pike on 05 Sep 2013

Bruker Daltronic has granted world-leading CBRN simulation systems manufacturer Argon Electronics the worldwide exclusive rights to develop and manufacture a training simulator for the high performance Bruker RAID-M100 chemical detector.


Argon launches new CBRN spectrometer sim for RIIDEye

Written by Steven Pike on 03 May 2013

Argon has launched the RIIDEye-SIM-NaI-P, a spectrometer simulation probe that enables responders to train how to use the Thermo RIIDEye handheld Radiation Isotope Identifier without an ionizing radiation source. The probe is just the latest of many such innovations from Argon Electronics that enhance both the quality and safety of CBRN training and are based upon Argon’s patented use of ultrasound and RFID (Radio frequency Identification Devices) to simulate hazardous material.


Argon sim probes convert real radiation meters into training detectors

Written by Steven Pike on 23 Nov 2012

Argon Electronics has launched two new simulation probe kits that allow real radiation meters to be used as simulation detectors in CBRN response training exercises.


CRBN / HazMat simulation system to be launched at I/ITSEC by Argon

Written by Steven Pike on 06 Nov 2012

Argon Electronics Booth 2882 I/ITSEC Orlando, Florida 3rd – 6th December 2012


Argon LCD3.3-SIM detector simulator aids CBRN response training

Written by Steven Pike on 24 Oct 2012

Argon Electronics has launched the LCD3.3-SIM, a new detector simulator that enhances the efficiency and safety of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) response training by responding to electronic simulation sources that represent chemical vapors, toxic industrial substances or false positives. Training exercises using the LCD3.3-SIM detector simulator can be set up swiftly and safely, with no need to use simulants that are harmful to the environment or the personnel involved.