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Educating HazMat First Responders: Carbon Dioxide Incident

Written by Steven Pike on 06-Apr-2022 12:16:17

While carbon dioxide (CO2) incidents are relatively uncommon, especially compared to their carbon monoxide counterparts, they can prove lethal in the wrong circumstances. 


CBRN Training Tools: How to Compare the Latest Technology

Written by Steven Pike on 25-Mar-2022 09:31:29


7 Most Effective Radiation Hazards Simulators

Written by Steven Pike on 04-Mar-2022 10:58:00

When planning a radiation hazard training scenario, instructors have traditionally opted for real sources in order to enable students practice with the instruments they will actually use. While this is certainly effective for training, it does pose significant disadvantages. Cost, regulatory requirements, procurement, end of life disposal , and time constraints will all need to be considered when organising training utilising real sources.


5 Ways Index Cards May Be Inhibiting Your First Responder Training

Written by Bryan W Sommers - SGM U.S. Army, Ret. on 25-Feb-2022 12:35:42

If you’re a first responder, you have probably undergone training with index cards at some point in your career. This tried-and-tested method helps trainers provide information to downrange operators that should initiate a response or action from those operators. 


Running A Safe, Cost-Effective, and Efficient Radiation Training Simulation

Written by Bryan W Sommers - SGM U.S. Army, Ret. on 01-Feb-2022 15:54:04

On the surface, radiation training can seem somewhat straightforward: teach students how to properly and safely respond to situations involving radiation. However, as many CBRNe instructors know, it’s not that simple. 


Preparing for Event X: what CBRN responders can learn from Covid-19

Written by Steven Pike on 17-Dec-2021 12:00:00

In a recent BBC Richard Dimbleby lecture, Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert detailed how scientists reacted quickly to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the Oxford professor said they should have moved forward at even greater speed. The overarching question throughout her talk was, “How do you fight a pandemic when you are in a pandemic?” While this question might have been moot in 2019, moving into 2022, there is a clear answer. 


Upcoming ISRP webinar on radiological hazards

Written by Steven Pike on 08-Dec-2021 09:15:00

The International Society for Respiratory Protection (ISRP) is a non-profit organisation that provides education and information about respiratory protection. The primary purpose of ISRP is to bring together occupational health and safety professionals in the field of respiratory protection. Members are encouraged to share their opinions and disclose their research findings.


NATO CBRN High Visibility Protection Projects

Written by Steven Pike

Covid-19 is a low virulence virus with a mortality rate of approximately 3%—nowhere near that of Ebola or anthrax, which are around 50% and 80%, respectively. However, the consequences of this novel virus that usually causes a predominantly mild illness have demonstrated that the world is ill-equipped to deal with an unpredictable event. The effects of a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear attack could have far worse human consequences than Covid-19.


CBRNe Summit Europe 2021

Written by Steven Pike

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Europe’s premier CBRN event, the CBRNe Summit Europe is returning to Brno, Czech Republic, for its seventh annual function. It will take place from 30 November – 2 December 2021 at the Best Western Premier Hotel International Brno. The first two days will involve conferences and an exhibition hosted by military and civil officials involved in CBRNe incidents. A live demonstration and exercise will be presented on the final day.


Argon releases the SVG-2 simulation training system

Written by Steven Pike on 19-Nov-2021 09:15:00

The NATO-approved SVG2 RadiacMeter made by Thermo Fisher is designed to provide critical measurements for nuclear incidents and attacks. It is an essential instrument for the emergency services and military personnel responding to a CBRN incident involving radiation. Argon Electronics has worked closely with the manufacturer to create the SVG-2 SIM simulation training system, which includes the SVG-2 SIM survey meter simulator and simulation Alpha, Beta, Gamma probe. 

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