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NCT Europe 2021

Written by Steven Pike on 04-Oct-2021 10:23:28

Europe’s leading and largest event for emergency services personnel, NCT Europe 2021, will take place between 5–7 October 2021. The event is part of the globally recognised NCT event series organised by the CBRNe Society. IB Consultancy originally hosted the event, but today it closely assists CBRNe Society and is in charge of the logistical organisation.


What are the key features of an effective multi-gas simulator?

Written by Steven Pike on 23-Sep-2021 09:15:00

Monitoring the air for oxygen levels, toxins and combustibles is an essential skill in ensuring the health and safety of first response personnel when operating in confined space environments.

Often the risk posed by these types of spaces will be immediately obvious - such as when conducting a rescue within a storage tank, silo, sewer or enclosed drainage system.

Occasionally though, the risk may be less apparent - for example if working in an open-topped chamber or a poorly ventilated room.


How to achieve powerful learning outcomes with CBRN simulator training

Written by Steven Pike on 22-Sep-2021 12:26:25

Chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) incidents, by their very nature, are deliberate and malicious acts designed to invoke harm or fear through an intentional attack or threat. 

While such events remain thankfully rare, when they do occur there is the vital need for a robust and decisive response.


A guide to the UK Emergency Services Show 2021

Written by Steven Pike on 31-Aug-2021 13:00:00

The UK’s leading event for emergency services personnel, the Emergency Services Show, will take place at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC)  on the 7th and 8th of September 2021. 

This year’s live event will include a specially curated seminar programme together with an exhibition of the latest technologies, services and training systems available to the emergency services sector.


How hands-on gas detection training can enhance industrial safety

Written by Steven Pike on 24-Aug-2021 13:00:00

Industrial-based incidents that occur within confined space environments can pose a substantial safety hazard due to the heightened chance of personnel being exposed to toxic gases.

As several recent workplace accidents have highlighted, the risk applies both to the victims and to those who are tasked with the role of emergency response.


Realistic radiation safety training with the RDS-100 SIM 3-Probe set

Written by Steven Pike on 10-Aug-2021 13:00:00

One of the biggest obstacles to delivering effective hands-on radiation training is finding ways to safely and realistically replicate the conditions of a real-life radiological emergency.

Whether your students are training in the logistics of radiological reconnaissance, learning about the effects of shielding or inverse square law or practicing the principles of safe demarcation, it is hugely important that the realities of the live radiological environment are not underplayed or misconstrued.


Mitigating the effects of chemical incidents in industrial settings

Written by Steven Pike on 03-Aug-2021 13:00:00

Chemical incidents that occur caused by leaks, explosions or fires in industrial settings can have significant consequences for both human health and the environment.

Building and maintaining an understanding of the key principles governing the regulation of chemicals is a core skill for businesses and personnel involved in the supply, distribution or use of hazardous chemicals, as well as for those working within the context of local authorities and emergency planning.


Discover Argon's CBRN simulator training tools at FMI Industry Day

Written by Steven Pike on 28-Jul-2021 13:00:00

Representatives from Danish military defense, security, aerospace and emergency response sectors will be converging in Ballerup, Denmark, on August 26th 2021 for the Ministry of Defence Material and Procurement Agency ‘FMI Industry Day’. 

With a reputation as the country’s largest exhibition of security and defense equipment, FMI Industry Day will provide the opportunity for attendees to explore new developments in the fields of CBRN technology and emergency preparedness available from Argon.


Using simulators to build proficiency in chemical hazard detection

Written by Steven Pike on 20-Jul-2021 13:00:00

Competency in chemical hazard monitoring and detection is a fundamental requirement for first response personnel operating within the areas of civil defense, environmental protection and the military.

Providing trainees with the opportunity to experience realistic hands-on training is vital, but it is a goal that can often be difficult to achieve in the face of strict regulatory controls and safety considerations.


5 tools to enhance the realism of radiation training

Written by Steven Pike on 15-Jul-2021 13:00:00

The success of any radiation training scenario relies on the extent to which the instructor is able to create a compelling, hands-on and truly life-like training experience. 

But finding ways to provide realistic opportunities for students to test their understanding of their detector equipment and how it responds to actual radiological threats can often be challenging.

A common issue for many instructors is the inherently limiting nature of many forms of simpler "make-believe" training approaches.