ChemPro100 / 100i - SIM Chemical Hazard Detection Simulator

This simulator for the Environics ChemPro 100 / ChemPro 100i provides an interactive tool for training users to both use the real detector and to simulate a chemical attack.


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ChemPro-100 chemical hazard simulator
chemical hazard long range vapour source ultrasound unit

The ChemPro100-SIM responds to electronic sources that simulate chemical vapors, toxic industrial substances or false positives. This means you no longer need to use simulants which can harm the environment, saturate the training area or pose potential health and safety risks to you and your students.

The system enables the training of first responders and CBRN troops in the use of the ChemPro100 and the correct action under a chemical attack.

With the ChemPro100 Training System, simulated alarms can be created to appear on the display of the ChemPro100 / 100i Simulators and user actions monitored by means of a powerful instructor remote. Simulated alarms can also be initiated by a point source simulator.

Features include:

  • Simulation of confidence test
  • Simulation of filter change
  • Responds to long-range vapour source simulators (pictured left)
  • CP100 / CP100i menu structure simulated
  • Simulation of contamination of sensor head
  • Student errors reported to instructor.

You can use the sources anywhere, including within public buildings. Most scenarios can be set in less than ten minutes and because you control the sources, your scenario will not have changed when it is time for the exercise.

ChemPro100-SIM is fully compatible with the PlumeSIM system for instrumented collective wide area training.

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ChemPro100-SIM can simulate:

  • Nerve, Blister, Acid, Toxic and Chemical agents and False Positives
  • Chemical vapour clouds in motion
  • Warm up and confidence testing procedure
  • Depletion of batteries and system faults

Instructor remote control (IRC)

A powerful IRC (supplied separately) gives you total control of your exercise, with each IRC able to control up to twenty separate ChemPro100-SIM simulation instruments.

Based upon an industrial specification PDA, the IRC lets you simulate a cloud of chemical vapour passing individual or groups of detectors. With a range of 820 yards (750 meters) line of sight, you can specify type of agent, rate of increase, maximum level, duration, rate of decrease and persistency of simulated chemical attack.

You can also simulate spurious false readings and equipment faults on individual detectors, whilst a scenario library feature enables you to use preplanned scenarios to save valuable time during training.

Training in the use of complementary equipment types with common simulation sources

Argon simulation systems enable realistic simultaneous training in the use of detection instruments that work on different technology principles.

ChemPro100-SIM is compatible with other simulators designed by Argon Electronics, including AP2C-SIM, AP4C-SIM, LCD3.2e-SIM, LCD3.3-SIM and the RAID-M100-SIM, permitting multi detector, multi substance training to take place within the same training scenario, with multiple simulators responding to the same programmable electronic simulation sources.


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ChemPro chemical hazard simulator screenshots