RDS Beta Photon Probe Simulator

The D-tect SYSTEMS Beta Photon radiation simulator probe has been designed to work with Argon's simulation RDS base unit.

The simulation Beta Photon Probe can be connected directly to the Simulation RDS base unit by flexible cable, or can be mounted on the Telepole enabling you to practice remotely monitoring high level radiation sources from a safe distance.

You can "hot connect" and disconnect the simulation Beta Photon Probe just like the real instrument - no need to turn the simulation RDS base unit of and most impressively the base unit display screen splits just like real providing real time simulated reading from both base unit and remote Beta Photon Probe enabling your trainees to experience the higher reading obtained due to the Beta Photon Probe while monitoring the base unit reading which represent the hazard at their personal location. 

Inverse square law response is extremely realistic; even the effect of shielding between the probe and base unit to determine source position is realistically simulated enabling you to ensure survey teams understand what to do when that emergency comes.

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Beta Photon

High impact radiation training

Response speed and characteristics are very similar to the real detector permitting realistic source search/find training to be provided. The RDS-SIM even supports different units of measurement such as Rem, Sv/hr etc.

Simulated sensitivity enables the simulation Beta Photon Probe  to detect the RadSIM-GS4 simulation Gamma/Neutron source at a free space distance of typically 200 feet (60 metres) distance line of sight. Our powerful Radsim source App enables you to set a wide range of simulated source activity.

The Simulation Beta Photon Probe also responds to Argon's simulation contamination sources, the easy to use instructor remote permitting simulation of partial or full decontamination.

Easy, Consistent and repeatable

Powerful proprietary signal processing ensures simulated readings are repeatable each time students revisit the same scenario location and also ensure the readings observed on different simulators are within the accepted tolerances of actual detectors; all contributing to the provision of high-quality training and easy exercise set up.

Key features:

  • Inverse square law (1/r2) response within real detector tolerance.
  • Simulation of user body shielding for source location.
  • Realistic representation of different shielding effects. 
  • Responds to Simulation check source.
  • No regular calibration.
  • No preventative maintenance.
  • PlumeSIM compatible.
  • Compatible with other Argon radiological simulators.

Low cost of ownership

No preventative maintenance, calibration or consumables (except batteries) are required ensuring whole life cost of ownership is minimal.

PlumeSIM compatible

The simulation RDS Beta Photon Probe is compatible with PlumeSIM, Argon’s proven Live Field and Tabletop CBRN exercise system. In use by many of the world’s leading training facilities, PlumeSIM enables real time instrumented wide area tactical field and nuclear / HazMat / Chemical Warfare emergency response exercises to be conducted using single or multiple simulation device types that respond in the real time to simulated hazards. 

Other radiation simulators available

Argon can offer a full range of compatible simulators. Please contact us for your specific requirements.

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