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Using Orthogonal Detection During CBRNe and HazMat Training Exercises

Written by Steven Pike on 03 August 2023

For many incidents involving specialist CBRNe or HazMat teams, standard protocol may dictate the practice of orthogonal detection, or the use of multiple pieces of equipment to rule out potential false positives. 


Army hazmat training: An overview of safety certifications

Written by Steven Pike on 17 May 2023

Army hazmat training plays an important role in preparing key personnel for the safe transport of hazardous materials. 

As part of its national defense mission, the US military makes use of a wide range of hazardous substances. These can include petroleum products, chemicals, explosives and solvents - all of which can pose a physical risk if handled improperly.

In this blog post we explore the process by which substances are classified as hazardous and ways in which hands-on army hazmat training scenarios can enhance theoretical understanding of safe handling.


5 Tools To Enhance The Realism of Radiation Training

Written by Steven Pike on 03 August 2022

Successful radiation training scenarios rely on the extent to which the instructor is able to create a compelling, hands-on and truly life-like training experience. 


How to Use A HazMat Leak Simulator To Train For Spill Events

Written by Steven Pike on 21 July 2022



HazMat Training Equipment: 10 Effective Tools To Consider

Written by Steven Pike on 30 May 2022