USMC 21st Century CBRN Training

How the Fort Leonard Wood CBRN Marine Corps Detachment integrated Argon's simulator detector systems into its program of instruction

USMC 21st Century CBRN TrainingIn this case study, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Christopher Joy, former Commander of the CBRN Instruction Company Marine Corps Detachment at Fort Leonard Wood, explains how the introduction of Argon Electronics’ simulator detector technology enriched the CBRN training experience and how it led to the complete rewriting of the centre’s Program of Instruction (POI).

Download the case study today to discover the benefits of integrating Argon's simulator detector systems into an existing CBRN programme of instruction:

  • Enrich the CBRN training experience
  • Increase student learning, knowledge and retention
  • Ease the process for instructors
  • Improve student engagement and training
  • Provide valuable time and cost savings

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