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PlumeSIM-SMART is an app based training system that provides you with the ability to deliver practical, highly engaging Tapletop and Live field training exercises for Commanders and Survey team members.

Instructors can now manage the detection instrument training of multiple personnel, selecting the parameters for the activation of simulation instruments (including the type of threat, release/delivery of single and multiple sources and a full range of environmental conditions), and record the actions of trainees from a single location.

The PlumeSIM-SMART supports the following:

  • Tabletop and large area (up to 2,500 square Km) field exercises
  • Multiple survey teams and simulators
  • GIS Mapping and “home-made” maps for sensitive missions
  • Wide variety of simulated detection instruments
  • Offsite release response plan verification (CAMAH, SEVESO etc.)

Our simulators are available for:

  • Radiological survey
  • Radiological dosimeter
  • Chemical warfare detectors Multi Gas with user selectable sensors including PID, and O2

If you think you could benefit from PlumeSIM-SMART’s features in your training scenarios, you can request a demonstration by filling the form and one of our technical experts will get back to you to arrange a demonstration showing you all the benefits of the PlumeSim-SMART.


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