PlumeSIM® Product Sheet


PlumeSIM® is a wide-area instrumented CBRN / HazMat training system providing management of simulated chemical and radiological incidents and control of associated simulators that respond to a wide variety of user defined  scenarios in real time complete with powerful after action review to ensure effective learning outcomes.

PlumeSIM enables training of multiple personnel, allowing instructors to select the parameters for the activation of CBRN / HazMat releases (including the type of threat, release/delivery of single and multiple sources and a full range of environmental conditions.) PlumeSIM  also records the actions of trainees to support powerful After Action Reviews.

Key features of the PlumeSIM are:

  • Portable and very quick to set up and use
  • Planning mode: prepare and test scenarios on a PC / Laptop without system hardware
  • Simple, flexible scenario creation based upon single or multiple CWA, HazMat & radiological releases
  • User-defined environmental conditions
  • Real-time variation of plume due to wind direction changes
  • GIS mapping and "home made" map support - simulate remote locations on your local training ground.
  • Perfect for counter terrorism exercises, nuclear and HazMat emergency exercises
  • Simulation of plumes, deposition and hot spots
  • Table top classroom mode for pre-exercise familiarisation
  • Modular system enables you to expand as and when budgets permit
  • Real time trainee movement and instrument usage reporting, with recording for After Action Review
  • Supports M4 JCAD-SIM, CAMSIM, AP2C-SIM, AP4C-SIM, RDS200-SIM, EPD-Mk2-SIM, AN/PDR-77-/VDR-2 / RDS100-SIM, SAM940 / RIIDEye Spectrometer Simulator and more
  • Radiological or chemical / HazMat only version available with future upgrade option

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