An introduction to gamma radiation using simulators

Radiological emergencies can occur in a wide variety of settings and for a multitude of reasons - be it in the context of defence and security, the nuclear industry, nuclear medicine, irradiators, the transportation of radioactive materials or as the result of the illicit release of a radiological dispersal device (RDD).

For anyone who is tasked to work with, alongside, or in response to a radiological source, the accuracy with which they are able to measure and monitor levels of ionising radiation is vital.

The impact of radiological events can be significantly reduced through comprehensive emergency response planning, the conducting of structured radiation safety training programmes and experience in using radiological surveying instrumentation.Comprehensive emergency response planning, together with the creation of realistic radiation safety training programmes, will be key factors in facilitating a successful outcome.

introduction to gamma radiationIn this eBook we explore:

  • the wide variety of environments in which ionising radiation can commonly be encountered
  • the importance of radiological surveys in maintaining safety
  • the instrumentation that facilitates these safety-critical activities.

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An introduction to gamma radiation using simulators