Chemical warfare agent training experiments using simulators

A practical guide with example training scenarios

Chemical warfare agent training using simulators

'Chemical warfare agent training using simulators' is accompanied by a collection of tested example scenarios that can be applied to simulator based chemical warfare / HAZMAT exercises.

The circumstances surrounding some of the most commonly executed CBRN training exercises, those that deal with terrorist-related threats, often require temporary occupation of civilian areas.

Students have a responsibility to familiarise themselves with specific sites and their associated risks.

There are health and safety implications to these locations - particularly when training inside or with civilians. As a result, CBRN training is an expensive activity that demands an efficient use of time and resources.

This eBook addresses detector training options and demonstrates the benefits of using simulated detectors.

Download the eBook today to discover the advantages to using simulated detectors and example scenarios in order to:

  • Reduce the lifetime cost of CBRN training
  • Ease the process for instructors
  • Improve student training

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