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Chemical spills and accidents can happen, on a small and large scale, anywhere that hazardous materials are found - from industrial sites and complexes to military bases, oil rigs, tanker trucks, shipping vessels, air transport hubs, railway transport and medical treatment facilities.

Clandestine laboratories that manufacture drugs, explosives or toxic substances are another potential threat - as are hazardous environments such as an explosive atmosphere or one where the oxygen level is dangerously low (typically within a confined space) which can prove especially hazardous to those not wearing breathing apparatus.

The ability to respond effectively to the accidental or deliberate release of any hazardous substance relies on the knowledge and expertise of highly trained HazMat teams, whether they be law enforcement, first responders or military support crews.

An ongoing challenge for those charged with HazMat instruction is to provide realistic, engaging, cost-effective and safe training scenarios that accurately reflect the nature of modern-day HazMat threats.

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  • provides an overview of common HazMat definitions and regulations,
  • discuss the importance of preparedness for HazMat incidents
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