Wide Area CBRNe and HazMat Training Using PlumeSIM

PlumSIM Ebook

Delivering effective wide area CBRN / HazMat training with real detectors and actual radionuclides or chemical substances while maintaining safety and following regulations can be a significant challenge.

The process of detecting, identifying, and monitoring certain hazardous and radioactive materials can pose a risk for training Military, Law Enforcement, security and emergency response teams. 

This ebook explores the revolutionary PlumeSIM system, which enables HazMat and CBRNe specialists to immerse themselves in ever-more accurate training scenarios.

Download the eBook today to discover the advantages of using the PlumeSIM system and example scenarios in order to:

  • Four important principles of wide-area training
  • How to research wide area simulated training systems
  • Details about how our PlumeSIM system delivers effective real experience training
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